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Metal Tears for the Tin Man (3/27)


"So what do you think?" Tom asked Ianto a week later as the team changed out of their fatigues and into street clothes.

"About what?"

"Oh come on," Jake scoffed. "Stud from another universe who was in love with another version of you. What do you think he's talking about?"

"My own sloppy seconds? No thanks," Ianto chuckled as he pulled a skin-tight black t-shirt over his head and tucked it into his faded jeans, buttoning and zipping them and sliding a worn black leather belt through the loops.

"Besides, I heard that Lisa from accounting was going to the club tonight," Ross announced before meowing like a cat in heat. "Anyone ever tell you that you suck, Jones?"

"I have!" Jake announced with a snicker as he brushed his hair and ran his fingers through it so that it spiked up.

"Yeah, we all know you know that from personal experience," Tom snorted.

"And I meant because he bounces on both sides of the fence so he manages to snag everyone," Ross added, making Ianto smirk.

"Terrible life, isn’t it? And I'm heading out, you lot coming or finding your own ride?"

As Ross and Tom called out their agreement, Jake declined. "Have a few things to do myself, see you later if they don’t run over."

"We want details in the morning!" the others crowed as they walked out, leaving Jake to check himself over a final time before strolling through the mostly deserted halls, heading toward the apartments where Torchwood housed guests who elected to avoid local hotels.

Finding the room he had been searching for, he knocked on the door, then leaned against the jamb, waiting to see if it would be answered.


Jack contemplated ignoring the door but then figured it could be Rose or Doc… and didn't that take some getting used to, calling him John or Doc instead of Doctor. Bringing with him the tumbler of whiskey that was almost overflowing, Jack heaved himself up off the couch, out of lifetimes' worth of habit drawing his sidearm as he peeked through the spy hole… and fought the urge to bang his head against the door.

Jack was going to turn around, sit his ass on the couch and continue getting absolutely shit faced, but instead he found himself opening the door. "Well, well, well, if it isn't Mickey's friend Jake. Fancy meeting you here. Did Rose happen to send you to check up on me?" he asked the Alpha Team's munitions expert with a shadow of his former flirtatious smirk.

"Did that of my own initiative," the blond laughed before nodding at Jack's drink. "Looks like there's enough for two there, feel like sharing?"

Jack contemplated telling him no but… he was so damned tired of being alone, and Jake was both familiar and free of baggage. Maybe Doc was right, maybe it was time to lay his ghosts to rest.

"What the hell," he said after a moment's hesitation. "I'm probably lousy company, but I'd rather drink with a friend than with a ghost. C'mon in."

"Thanks," Jake said easily as he walked past Jack, glancing around the small apartment and noting it was functional but showed nothing personal other than the other man's navy greatcoat hanging over the back of the sofa. "And it looks like I'll have to catch up – with the scotch and the information because it sounds like you know about me." He reached back and plucked the glass from Jack's hand, taking a deep drink before handing it back.

Jack's left eyebrow slid up at Jake's' actions, but he said nothing as he accepted the glass, taking a drink of his own. "I knew Mickey Smith," he said simply. "We traveled together with the Doctor for a while, and then after he came back from here, I kept an eye on him, both as a favor to Rose and to make sure he was okay. But then he had to go and ask for all sorts of advice; we eventually went from being casual acquaintances with a mutual history to being friends of sorts. I'd drop in whenever I was down in London for business and sometimes just because I wanted to spend some time away from Cardiff. He's a good guy."

"Yes, he is," Jake nodded, dropping down onto the sofa and stretching his legs out in front of him. "Think I freaked him out some at first when I told him Ricky and I had been involved, but we worked well together, had some fun too."

"Freaked was putting it mildly," Jack laughed easily at the memory. "What do you think he was asking me for advice about? The latest fashions?"

Green eyes raked over Jack's length before sandy brows rose as Jake held his hand out for the glass again. "He needed some help there, and you've got a certain sense of style."

"Don't think Mickey could pull off my style, though," Jack replied, tugging his braces over his shoulders, leaving them to hang off his pants. "Nah, truth was you had him confused as all hell by the end. He was supposed to be in love with Rose, but you… you were the proverbial bad penny – always tempting him to pick you up and play with you."

Jake blinked in surprise at the statement. "Never showed it. He was easy to get going, but I never saw any attraction from him, and believe me, I knew what he looked like when he was attracted."

"You knew what Ricky looked like when he was attracted," Jack countered. "Not Mickey. And he'd never been attracted to guys before, so he sublimated. And since he knew me and knew I had certain, shall we say, proclivities, he figured I was the best person to ask for advice. And to try flirting with. I let him practice, patted him on the head and pointed him towards an equal opportunity bar. He's mostly straight but a little bent, at least he was last time I looked in on him," Jack grinned, taking another swallow of his scotch.

"Good for him, everyone deserves a chance to be happy, and that wasn't going to happen with Rose, even before Doc got here." Jake leaned over to take the glass again, frowning when he saw there wasn't anything left in it. "And that includes you too, Jack Harkness," he added before leaning in, getting his taste of liquor from Jack's mouth.

Jack, who'd opened his mouth to tell Jake that he'd had his shot at happy, found that mouth was promptly invaded by Jake's tongue. It was like setting a spark to dry tinder at the base of a parched forest - instant conflagration. There'd been times in the past where he'd had a dry spell, but he couldn't remember any lasting this long except when he'd been dead and buried for nearly two thousand years. Lust swept through Jack; fuck, but he'd missed this sort of human contact. However…

Pulling back slightly, Jack eyed Jake carefully. "I don't do commitments; I don't do relationships – not any more. I'll fuck you, but I won't be your boyfriend or your lover, and we sure as hell will never be a couple. I will, however, still respect you in the morning and still treat you like I am right now. Nothing changes. You still want to do this?"

Jake's lips curved into a wicked smile as he set the glass on the floor, then placed his hand over Jack's crotch. "It's sex, Jack; it feels good; it makes your partner feel good if you do it right; there doesn’t have to be more."

"The Doctor once told someone that I'd flirt with and fuck anything that was sentient – and he was pretty much correct. It's hard to have a relationship when you can't stick around long enough to grow old with them because you don't grow old. I tried it a few times, and each time ended even more badly than the last. So I've decided that it's not worth the pain; my last attempt damn near destroyed me, and it left me damaged goods. I can't do it again; I can't give anyone anything more than a fantastic fuck," Jack admitted. "And since we seem to be on the same page about the fucking part of it…"

Jack didn't even bother to try to move this into the bedroom; he merely reached over and hauled Jake across the chesterfield and onto his lap and proceeded to reclaim Jake's mouth as nimble fingers went to work on his clothes, Jake doing the same as much as he was able until the both of them were naked and lying back on the sofa, Jake's hands roaming over Jack's back and down to his ass, pulling them closer as he hooked a leg over Jack's hips.

"I can pretty much guarantee that I don't have any diseases because I haven't died lately, and even if you do, I'll just get better, so can we be irresponsible and dispense with the need for condoms?" Jack asked in between exploring Jake's mouth, jaw and chest with fingers and tongue.

"Wouldn't matter if you did," Jake chuckled, arching into the touch as he trailed his fingers up the crack of Jack's ass. "Torchwood inoculations are damn good things."

"Glad to hear it," Jack murmured before biting down on one of Jake's nipples. "Seeing as how it's your ass that's gonna be leaking cum," he informed Jake with a wicked smirk. "I plan on fucking you stupid and then doing it again."

"You expect me to complain about this?" Jake's tone was incredulous, and he squirmed and threaded his fingers through Jack's hair as Jack bit him again.

"Some people don't like to bottom – never understood that myself, but hey, it doesn't affect us right now, so who gives a fuck?" Jack murmured, nipping and biting and soothing all the while as he worked his way steadily lower.

"Why limit yourself, right?" Jake asked, gasping when Jack hit a sensitive spot near his hipbone.

Hearing the reaction above him, Jack smiled into Jake's hip and then redoubled his efforts to really work the spot over, all the while leaving his hands fee to pinch and pull and stroke. "Definitely a smart one, aren't you?" he murmured against Jake's stomach.

"Shh," Jake groaned, squirming so that his cock rubbed against Jack's chin, "don’t want it to get out."

"Don't worry, your secret's safe with me," Jack chuckled and then ducked down the remaining few inches and took Jake's cock into his mouth, deep-throating him in one smooth motion.

"Oh bloody fuck!" Jake howled, his hand fisting in Jack's hair as he bucked upward the moment Jack started to pull back.

Jack chuckled around his mouthful, the vibrations carrying into Jake's flesh as he took a quick breath of air and then forced his way back down again, a hand coming up to roll and tug on Jake's balls lightly.

"Got slick in my pants pocket," Jake murmured, rocking his hips in time with the bobbing of Jack's head over him.

"You're still talking," Jack groused, pulling up and off of Jake. "I must be losing my touch. You should be non-verbal." And with that he dove back in, intent on making Jake lose all semblance of speech even as he fumbled for the pants and the bottle of lubricant. It seemed that young Mr. Simmonds was a boy scout and a pornographic one at that. Jack was impressed.

When Jack pushed a wet finger inside him, Jake moaned, writhing between the heat of Jack's mouth and the slight pressure of the finger in his ass.

Humming his approval, Jack let his body take over and his mind shut down. He was all for losing himself in the oblivion of a hard and dirty fuck. Since Jake didn't seem to mind either, Jack decided to just go with it. Working his throat muscles in order to maximize sensation for Jake, Jack inserted one, then a second and finally a third finger into Jake's ass, twisting and plunging them in and out of the easily loosened hole, always making sure to hit Jake's prostate sporadically, just to add a bit more zing.

"Rather come with you in me," Jake managed to get out, slinging a leg over the back of the sofa to open himself up more for Jack and moaning when that increased the pressure on his prostate.

"Mmmm," Jack hummed, licking one last stripe along Jake's cock. "You want it, you got it," he whispered, using his already lubed hand to stroke his cock a few times, just enough so that he could work his way in with only a small amount of friction. He wanted Jake to feel it, every inch, and every pull.

Jack wanted Jake looking fucked out, rode hard and put away wet. He wanted Jake's teammates to know that Jake had had the fucking of his life tonight, even if they didn't know by whom. And a very closely guarded part of him wanted Ianto to figure it out and decide that Jack belonged to him, not Jake and make Jack know it too.

Sealing his mouth over Jake's in a hungry kiss, Jack guided his cock by a combination of skill and touch, aligning its tip to Jake's hole and then pushed in steadily, inch by inch, filling Jake completely. "Hold on tight, Jake Simmonds, I'm about to give you the ride of your life," Jack promised with a dirty chuckle as he began to move his hips, fucking in and out of Jake with increasing speed, hips twisting and circling as he began to ream the younger man out.

Jake was by no means a 'lie back and take it' kind of guy, and he met Jack's every stroke, arching up against him and clenching down on the hard length within him, groaning as they slammed together, at times threatening to topple the sofa over with the force of their movements. His fingers dragged dull red stripes across Jack's back as they bit into his flesh, and he sat up enough to catch the older man's mouth, fucking it with his tongue just as thoroughly as his ass was being pounded by Jack's cock.

"That's it," Jack grunted as he was met thrust for thrust," take it, c'mon take it," he muttered over and over again, his mouth and teeth and nails leaving his own blueprint on Jake's flesh. He bit and sucked and scratched, even drawing blood a few times, as he continued to fuck into Jake with such violence that they finally rolled off the couch and onto the floor with a thud.

Jack's hips never slowed even though he was now under Jake, the younger man doing the riding, for all intents and purposes. One hand dug finger-shaped bruises into Jake's left hip while the other wrapped around his cock and began to milk it with squeezing strokes. "Giddy up," Jack purred, his voice full of carnal heat as he brought his knees up to act as a back brace. "Your turn – ride 'em, cowboy!"

Jake whooped out a credible cowboy yell as he levered himself on Jack's body, working both of them as he rocked between the thick cock in his ass and the strong hand squeezing his shaft. His own hands were braced on Jack's broad chest for balance, and he rubbed his thumbs over the circles of Jack's nipples, pinching and tugging at them as they peaked tighter.

Jack laughed freely for the first time since the children stopped all those weeks ago, not even thinking about anything or anyone other than the amusing, good looking and deliciously fuckable man riding his cock like a bronco buster. "Ever done it while riding a horse?" he leered. "Lemme tell you, it's a whole lot of fun!"

He slid the hand clutching Jake's hip back under the curve of that sweet bubble butt and slid his index finger up to where his cock was pistoning in and out of Jake's body, caressing the highly aroused nerve endings with the lightest of feather touches. "Wanna see what kind of distance you get when you shoot – think you can actually get it in my mouth?"

Jake's mouth curved into an amused smile before he gasped in pleasure as Jack's finger pushed inside next to his cock. "You planning on aiming me?" he panted, knowing he was close and soon it wouldn’t matter where he was aimed.

"You work for Torchwood," Jack huffed as he somehow managed to shift his angle so that he was constantly pounding into Jake's prostate. "Having perfect aim is a prerequisite, isn't it?" Jack shifted impossibly and shuffled his way into a semi reclining position against the back of the couch, his arm trapped between his knees and Jake's body, but it put him in the perfect position to lean forward and chew on Jake's nipples to add just that little extra bite of sensation.

The combination of sensations finally proved too much for Jake, and he threw back his head and yowled, his cock pulsing in Jack's hand, making the other man pull back enough to catch the gouting streams of semen in his mouth, several droplets missing and running down his chin.

Jack shuddered at the tightening of Jake's ass around his cock but managed a few more strokes before he was throwing his head back with an inaudible gasp, then going almost boneless as he continued to shudder and pulse while coming down. It took a while for his brain to reboot, but when it did, he smacked his lips together loudly and shot Jake a wicked grin. "Gotta commend your shooting instructor; that was better than perfect aim, a gold star for Jake Simmonds."

"Shooting and driving, got top marks in those," Jake murmured as he managed a graceful roll off Jack's lap to lie sprawled out beside him on the floor, sighing as the bunched muscles in his thighs relaxed. "Pretty good technique there too, we can share the star."

"Really?" Jack laughed. "And here I was going to apologize for my lack of technique – it's been a while for me, and I was on edge." Sliding down so that he was wedged between Jake and the sofa, Jack pulled Jake in for a lazy kiss. He was a tactile man, and he'd been denying his need for contact for too long, so it was almost impossible to stop touching, kissing and petting Jake. "For the record, Mickey missed out on one helluva good thing; you're aces."

"I'll remind you to tell Rose that come review time," Jake chuckled, one hand stroking over Jack's thigh as he reclined half-lying over the other man's lap. "Might get me a raise."

"I'm just Doc's lab lackey," Jack chuckled. "Doubt my opinion holds much weight. Fuck, it's weird calling him Doc, or John, or Doctor Smith. This whole universe is a little skewed – but it's probably what I needed. Keeps me on my toes, concentrating on my surroundings so I don't slip up. Go figure, the Doctor really did deliver a cure for me."

"Change is good," Jake agreed before pulling Jack down for another kiss. "Felt the same when I went to your universe because of the whole Cybermen/Dalek mess, a little bit off but not wrong, just odd."

"Not my universe anymore," Jack pointed out with a small but sincere smile. "This is my home now. I just need to learn the ropes so I don't make a complete ass of myself."

Jack thought, fleetingly, of Gwen and how he was abandoning her – but he wasn't, not really. She had Rhys and the baby and a new lease on life – a life free of Jack Harkness and the trouble that followed him around. It was a win-win situation really. With only one Ianto-sized problem on his new horizons. But Jack wasn't going to think about that tonight. Tonight he had a new friend to play with.

"So, how long before you're up for round two?" Jack smirked as he rolled over on top of Jake, kissing him again but this time with a good deal more heat. "And then you can tell me all about that ink and the reason why you've got the Torchwood crest permanently inked on your chest."

Sandy eyebrows rose in surprise before Jake burst out laughing. "It's usually me asking that question, and to answer it, not long at all, Jack, not long at all. We all have one, Ross, Tom, Ianto and I, got 'em when we were bumped up to alpha team."

"Does that make you all alpha males?" Jack joked, rubbing against Jake lightly. " Sooo… where do the rest of the team have theirs? Same spot?" he continued as nonchalantly as he could.

Jake shook his head, his hand curving around Jack's thigh so that he could flick his fingertips over the older man's balls. "We don’t tell, only people who know are those who've seen them."

"Fair enough, not like I really wanted to know anyway," Jack murmured and then he proceeded to make Jake forget all about his little slip up and the question he shouldn't have asked.


The Torchwood locker room was silent as a tall, lean figure walked inside it, still wearing the clothes he'd had on the night before. No matter how late he had been out, no matter how little sleep he'd had and for what cause, Ianto Jones was always the first of his teammates to arrive at work, to gauge the readiness both of the others and of himself. For all of his outward exuberance and good nature, he took his job and the safety of those around him very seriously.

Stripping down, he was in the act of slapping his liquid body armor patch on, the shiny silvery complex polymer turning transparent and sliding outward to cover him from neck to feet, when Ross pushed open the door and came in, still yawning.

"Still no luck with Lisa?" Ianto chuckled, to which the other young man replied by flipping him off. "She'll fall eventually; she likes you; you're the sweet one, remember?"

"Sod off," Ross grumbled. "I really, really hate that label, you know."

"Except when it gets you laid," Tom pointed out as he joined them.

"There's one," Ianto commented, pulling his t-shirt over his body armor. "And how is the lovely Dr. Jones, no relation?"

Tom's cheery smile turned sultry, and he stretched his arms over his head, yawning mightily. "Wonderful as always."

"And it's two," Ross snorted. "As if you didn’t get any last night, Ianto."

"Never said I didn't," the other man smirked.

The door opened again, and the three of them turned and looked in its direction, their jaws all dropping as their last teammate entered.

"Holy Mary, mother of God," Tom whistled.

Ross shook his head as he pulled out his wallet. "Simmonds wins the pot. I'm so far in the hole, I'm never going to get out of it."

"Just keep working on Lisa," Ianto advised. "And you, are you going to be able to move today?"

"Oh yeah," Jake crooned, still high on the rush of endorphins. "I'm golden." He started to strip down, revealing more bruises and love bites, and the other men groaned.

"You're going to be good for shite until you get it out of your system, so, go ahead, who was he – and what's his number?" Ianto chuckled.

"Not saying," Jake smirked.

Ross applauded at that. "Thank God, we don’t need two of you mooning around like that."

"Exactly," Tom laughed, "we'd have to carry them everywhere we went."

"Sod off, the both of you," Ianto grumbled without heat though he looked at Jake again, plotting out how to get the information he wanted from the other man. "We need to be in the control room in fifteen; we're the alert team today. Nothing going on last I checked, but..."

"Anything can happen," the others chorused, Jake beginning to look more alert after he took a hurried shower and pulled on his body armor and uniform.

"All right then," Ianto nodded as they headed out the door, "let's see what the universe throws at us today."


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Oct. 26th, 2009 04:41 am (UTC)
Hmmm... Interesting stuff. I liked it. :) I'm going to read the first two parts.
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Hope you enjoy them too!
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